Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Four Months with Hamilton

February 22 marks 4 months that Hamilton has been in Birmingham. He has learned English, begun preschool, met a new babysitter, attended football, basketball, and soccer games, played with new friends, and attended church.-- also he has had many doctor visits. He had tubes put in, visited the International Adoption Clinic, the Cleft clinic, the pediatrician (numerous times), and our asthma specialist. Yes, he is wheezing like his brother and sister. What a whirlwind the little fellow has been through. I also forgot to mention 4 American holidays. We can not imagine life with out him. He is such a blessing. We have much more laughter in our house and a lot more energy. Bill and I had forgotten how active 3 year olds are. We are questioning whether we are too old, but love it also. Right now he is asking Bill not to give him medicine. However, he is very easy to bribe-- a little chocolate does the trick every time. He drinks gallons of chocolate milk a week. In the last two weeks, he has begun playing with other children, not just beside them. His speech comes in phrases or sentences rather than words, which has been fun for me to watch. Anything he does not like, he calls you "grumpy". Also, if he does not want to do something, he tells us he will do it "tomorrow". He is going to be a negotiator someday. He is struggling to learn his colors; he is stuck on yellow and purple. He is very social!!!! I took him to his first birthday party, Saturday, and he spoke to everyone. He also told me that he was supposed to wear a birthday hat and that the girl was supposed to blow out candles. We still have not figured out how he knew that information. However, he still does not like to be spoken to by strangers. He turns his head and pouts. We are telling him to say "hi" which is helping. For the most part, it has been a wonderful, yet surreal 4 months. We appreciate your continued prayers as we continue to adjust. 

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